About Us

We love what we do

Surfing is a passion. Ask anyone who rides the waves and they’ll tell you that connection between us and the sea runs deep. We’re a family, too, no matter where in the world you surf, what you ride, or how good you are. Whether you’re just finding your feet or have been surfing all your life, the lifestyle, the people, and the passion is what makes us so committed to Surfriend.

Our vision..

To connect the surfing family around the globe by creating a network where surfers can offer their services, open their homes to fellow surfers, and provide a strong platform for the community. If you’re travelling to a new surf spot for the first time, Surfriend will give you that introduction to the locals, and all the help you need to make every trip a memorable one.
From sweet breaks to expert tuition, secret coves to beachside accommodation, Surfriend gathers everything in one place so you don’t have to go hunting all over the internet for information. It’s created by people who share your passion too – at Surfriend we’re all surfers so we understand the unstoppable call of the waves and the drive to find new places to discover and explore.

What is Surfriend?

The idea of Surfriend started several years ago, when we were travelling the world looking for those perfect tubes and breaks. Inspired by the places we saw and, more importantly, the people we met, we decided to create an online community that made it easier for surfers to find accommodation, spending less time looking for great spots, and more time catching waves. Missing those sweet spots because we simply didn’t have the local knowledge meant we missed out on some epic moments – those moments when it’s just you, the ocean, and your board in perfect harmony. So Surfriend was developed to bring everything together. Here you can register as an accommodation provider, an instructor, a photographer, or a guide, or simply become a Surfriend and surfing buddy for people who are visiting your local break for the first time. You’ll find information, advice, and great tips so that you can make the most of your surf trip. If you’re offering accommodation or lessons then it opens you to a wider audience and lets you promote your business.

Capture your memories

At the end of each session, you can add your experiences and photos into the Surfriend’s diary. Keep a report of the conditions, whether the waves tend to break right or left, how good the spot is for tubes or slabs, and share your thoughts with everyone. If you’re exploring a new spot with a surf guide, taking your very first lessons, or doing a professional photo or video shoot, you’ll be able to capture your memories of that perfect pop-up, your first hang ten, or the evening chill-out session on the beach with new friends.

Connecting us all

We’re all one big surfing family, whether you’re cold-water riding on the north Atlantic or carving up the sweet spots of Hawaii, facing the towering triple overheads of Nazare or playing with the head highs off the coast of Australia. Surfriend connects us all, wherever, whenever and whatever we ride.